Hawkwell Parish Council Hawkwell Sign

  Clerk to the Council
  Diane Scrivener
  Hawkwell Parish Council
  Parish Office
  Hawkwell Village Hall
  Main Road
  Hawkwell, Hockley
  Essex, SS5 4EH

  01702 207710

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Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM is a clear liquid solution that is used to mark your valuables.

If you are burgled and police find your belongings, it will be easier for them to return them to you if they're marked with Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM.

When you buy Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM you'll receive a 5ml bottle of Property Protector along with 'thieves beware' stickers and a UV light key ring.
The 'thieves beware' stickers can be stuck on your windows to help deter would-be burglars.
How Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM works: Each bottle of Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM contains a unique combination of microparticles. No two bottles are the same.
That ‘fingerprint’ can’t be seen by the naked eye, and is virtually impossible to remove - but police scanners can identify the particles on the spot, helping to reunite stolen items with their rightful owner.
By dabbing a tiny amount of Crimestoppers Property ProtectorTM onto your possessions, you give them their own coded fingerprint.
Crimestoppers are offering a discount for a pack of 10 x property marking kits (10 x kits = 10 houses).
For further information contact: Clerk to the Council, Stuart Mennell or
Acting Sergeant Steve Joynes, Neighbourhood Policing Team Tel: 0300 333 444 Ext 490540
Click on the link below to view Crimestoppers website.
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